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 Blank Character Sheet

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Blank Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Blank Character Sheet   Blank Character Sheet EmptyFri Dec 08, 2017 11:27 am

** Copy the code and create a new topic in pending applications, if it is unfinished place WIP (work in progress) that way the Admins can know when to review it. Also if you have NPC (non-playable character) that is attached to a specific character please make sure to add information on them in the application so there is no confusion for those that wish to play with it.

[*IMG]image URL here[*/IMG]
| [color=crimson]PLAYBY[/color] | [color=gunmetal]SUPERNATURAL LEVEL/SPECIES[/color] | [color=crimson]LOYALTY[/color] |

[size=14][color=crimson] | BASICS | [/color][/size]

[b]marital status;;[/b] (single/taken/married/etc.)


[size=14][color=crimson] | APPEARANCE| [/color][/size]

[b]hair color;;[/b]
[b]eye color;;[/b]
[b]defining characteristic(s);;[/b]
[b]clothing style;;[/b]
[b]make up;;[/b]


[size=14][color=crimson] | THE FALLEN ANGEL | [/color][/size]

[b]family members;;[/b] (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, adoptive family etc.)
[b]occupation;;[/b] (job/student etc.)
[b]criminal record;;[/b]
[b]supernatural power;;[/b] (detailed description of their power(s))
[b]background/history;;[/b] (At least two well formed paragraphs)


[size=14][color=crimson] | BEHIND THE FALLEN ANGEL | [/color][/size]

[b]other characters;;[/b]
[b]contact information;;[/b] (only give out this if you have parental permission if you are under the age of sixteen)


[size=14][color=crimson] | CREDITS | [/color][/size] [/center]

[right]t lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides.

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Ekaterina Petrova

Ekaterina Petrova

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Blank Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blank Character Sheet   Blank Character Sheet EmptyTue Dec 19, 2017 4:59 pm


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

| PLAYBY(Jessica Stam)

| Witch|
White witch


name: Ekaterina Viktorovna (Russian Patronimic for:daughter of Viktor) Petrova
nickname(s): Kat, Kitty, Kitten
gender: Female
birthday: 08/20/1991
sexuality: Mostly Heterosexual
marital status: Taken by the Wonderful one and only Absolum
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


height: 5'11
weight: 55 kg
build: Slender and harmonious, with a little bit of tone, what could be called a ballerina body
hair color: red
eye color: icy blue
tattoo(s): Back Piece: Shenron from Dragon Ball.
piercing(s): none (yet)

defining characteristic(s):
Ekaterina is a very extroverted young lady, full of life and a unique lust for life. Incredibly smart and cunning when needed she is capable of great loyalty to those who inspire it. A part of her is not so bright though, as a witch she has came in contact with the dark arts a few times in order to preserve the balance. That is something she hides from everyone for it might endanger them if that part of her is awaken.

clothing style:
Very relaxed, mostly consistent of dresses, hater of bras she will rarely wear one as it makes her uncomfortable unless the occasion calls for one.
make up: It can vary on her mood, some days she will sport a clean face, some others a natural make up or a full complex and dark smokey eye.


Fiercely independent, trust worthy, loyal to the point of being even egalitarian. Fair and just to the point of even being considered petty when she feels someone or herself have been wronged.
Deeply spiritual she is methodical while performing her incantations, spells or rituals to honor the Goddess in whom she believes.
Once in love she is obsessive about the attentions she lavishes upon the object of her affections. Always wanting to please and protect.
Intellectual, skilled in many languages and well educated with a major in History and Arts. She is always looking forward to learn more about magic, the myth, the history behind the tale and whatever might aid her search for self enlightenment.
Secretive about her gift, she has premonitions but not always she is allowed to interfere. There is a burden about knowing the future that is usually hard to understand.
Her usual antics could classify her behavior as almost feline. Always relaxed, with her movements and voice like a soft purr hence why Absolum has taken to call her Kitten. Of course, her absolute love for cats does add to it.

family members:
Ekaterina is the only female daughter and seventh child to Viktor Petrov and Natasha Petrova. Her Six older brother and her have not had contact since the passing of her mother which was in the first place what pushed her to leave her homeland and travel around the world.

occupation: Ekaterina has a Major in History and Arts but most of her time is spent at her little Shop, either obtaining new books, going through her whole collection, preparing spells and other concoctions and simply experimenting for the simple pleasure of feeling her magic flow freely inside her and her surroundins.

criminal record: none

supernatural power:

Ekaterina is a witch with a gift as such there are many things she can do:

Summoning: Ekaterina is able to summon creatures from different realms. To simply talk, request something or even to demand something from them but of course there is always the risk that her magic might come out of control if she is not able to sustain the portal or passage through which she is inviting other creatures into her realm.

Potions and Spells: There is a variety of activities one can perform with potions and spells. This ranges from preparing shampoo and perfume to potentially killing someone even though she prefers always to remain on the light side of her powers for she does not wish to disturb the balance of the different universes surrounding her.

Ekaterina was born with this gift but she only got to master it when she was 14 after years of training and restless work to interpret her visions. They appear sometimes in her dreams, some other they would take place anytime anywhere. She would speak in different languages or even only describe images. They happen very often and they are part of her, rarely she would see something too disturbing.
Out of experience she knows that sometimes it is better to not tamper with the future.

Ekaterina was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday, August the 20th 1991 at midnight. Only female daughter to Natasha and Viktor Petrov a wealthy couple well established in the political milieu of the Russian society. With an strict and rich education Ekaterina graduated at 16 years old.
Her initiation in magic happened around her 10th birthday and after years of having dreams that later on would come true. Her mother, a witch herself revealed to Ekaterina what she was and the burden that was to be placed upon her being the Seventh Child of a Witch. She was trained to control and develop her powers but also to always respect and fear the dark arts. It was not something she wanted to dab into having the amount of power she was blessed with.
Always conscious of her responsibilities Ekaterina was an exemplary child to her parents until her mother Natasha died of natural causes. In that moment Ekaterina was presented with the possibility to recover her mother using her power with Necromancy but her mother's words would stop her instead choosing to flee the country.
Loosing her mother is something she never came to accept and that is why she decided to establish herself in a different country, away from her family. Immersing herself deeper and deeper in her studies, trying to find a way to find peace with her power and the concept of life and death that even if she could, should not be altered.  


alias: Alex
age: 26 years old


* An absolute thank you to my dear Dragon Absolum. My light in the darkness without you none of this would have been possible.

/////Work In Progress /////
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Blank Character Sheet
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