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 The Kirja || Larken World Glossary

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PostSubject: The Kirja || Larken World Glossary   Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:41 am

-- Here is where you will be able to look up the different words, phrases and meanings of the Larken world Language and the Ihmemmian dialect. --

Before the creation of Ihmemma, Aidin had visited earth and decided that Finnish sounded is if the angels were singing to her. It is for this reason, she choose it to be the native tongue of Ihmemma.

Kolikot- Ihmemmian currency.
Veri Maja Berries- A bush that grows in the Ende Forest and along each mountain on Ihmemma. This bush has healing roots, that can cure any illness. The fruit itself is poisonous to any other being other than the Wingerdoo Bat.
Wingerdoo Bat- This large specimen would be considered gigantic in the mortal realm and is used by the immortals for transportation.
Lumii Fish- This invisible specimen lives in the ponds inside of the caves of Ihmemma. These fish only eat the Luminous fruit that grows at the base of Mount Sopu.
Ihmemma- Wonderland
Hummeet- LSD
Festival of Torchais- It is the fertility festival, what most would consider a free for all brothel show.  
Allure Festive- This festival was set in place by the Empress Xue as it marks the death of her brother Landon.
Nazgul- Galaxy of Gods of which Aidin and Taurus hail from. A place where all deities resided before Ihmemma.
Treaty of Karkotus-
Sidhe fever
Star of Panovona
Crystal of Silver City or "Elämä"- This crystal helps to power both the mortal realm and the immortal realm with the energy power from the Ihmemmian star.
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The Kirja || Larken World Glossary
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