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 Madam DyRuka Ma

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Dyruka Ma

Dyruka Ma

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PostSubject: Madam DyRuka Ma   Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:56 am

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| Tooru Nishimura | The first Katone Dragon,Great Katone Dragon | She is loyal to destiny and her tavern as the tavern is the portal Ihmemma and other worlds. She likes the White Queen more than the Crimson Queen, but she respects both highly. |


name;; DyRuka Ma
nickname(s);;She will only answer to her name or Madam.  
gender;; Asexual female.
birthday;;Unknown- She does not care to remember.
sexuality;; Straight.
marital status;; Single.

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height;; 5’7”
weight;; 119
build;; Curvy and thick  
hair color;; Strawberry Curls
eye color;; Pearl
tattoo(s);; None
piercing(s);; None
defining characteristic(s);; Her southern accent.
clothing style;; Classy, function-able .
make up;; She dabbles in the foundations of makeup and other perks of being a female.

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personality;; At times, she can be a bitter woman for the loss of who she thought was the love of her life. DyRuka is who she is because of her past. All the terrible things that happened to her in the past, has made her cautious of others and is why she runs a tavern and refuses to accept the hand of anybody. She is however, kind, understanding and somebody who believes that justice will always prevail. She is neutral between good and bad, between high and low. Those that pray to her are also neutral and gain her blessings.

occupation;; Tavern Owner
criminal record;; Nothing she can’t get out of.
supernatural power;;
A1*DyRuka is the Goddess of all Animals and in such, she has the ability to sway any animal’s will that she so chooses into doing what she wants. A2* She can tap into any animal she needs to in means to use their sight for her own.

background/history;; (To be added)

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| CREDITS | [/color]

t lyrics are from “Fallen Angels” from Black Veil Brides.

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Madam DyRuka Ma
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