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 Lay Of The Land || Understanding Ihmemma

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PostSubject: Lay Of The Land || Understanding Ihmemma   Lay Of The Land || Understanding Ihmemma EmptySat Dec 16, 2017 4:28 pm

This is an intermediate to advanced platform, with that comes the dreadful expectancy of nice, thought out posts. We understand that everyone is going to have an off day but everybody likes to get the same effort out of it that they put into it.  We have both detailed and simple character sheets with a very broad plot so that everyone will feel welcome. Meaning that we welcome creatures of all sorts, nobody is turned down.

Us, Admin, are open to any new ideas and/or new comers. All the things placed below are there to help everyone understand the vast interworking of Ihmemma and to serve as an ACTIVE FORUM INFORMATION, meaning you can quickly glance here for the places you want to go.  Every author that has partaken in building this world up have allotted many hours of their lives to make ensure that this was something detailed and worthwhile. With that being said we would greatly appreciated it if you took the few minutes out of your day to go over each one so that you have a concept of the world of which you were invited to, if any questions should arise please do not hesitate to bring them to your Admins; Luci, Rei, and Nykole.

What is Ihmemma? How does this strange place work?

By the very definition of the word, Ihmemma translates loosely into Wonderland, that which in English means a land of wonders and marvels. It does not stray far from that meaning of the word, save that it is not simply a land but a complete world similar to Earth but instead of continent or tectonic plates there are realms. They are different in the  sense that where continents can be measured in acreage or square kilometers, the same can not be said for the lands of Ihmemma for at the core lies the Star of Painovoima which gives the world its distinguishing feature. A celestial body unlike any other to be recorded in history, placed there long ago by Adin herself,  the energy that radiates from it is the sole originator of the magnetism in which constantly evolves the cosmos.

Ever changing in shape and location, none of the realms have a size per say only that the potential for growth is limitless. This is also the reason Dyruka’s Tavern is essential to strangers wishing entrance into Ihmemma as she is the Keeper of Portals and will guide them in the path they desire to go. If one was to simply teleport to the world without proper guidance they will surely land in one of the various detrimental locations of the unforgiving Unseelie homeland. To those granted permission, a link of sorts will be made with Äidin Rakkaus, the highest of deities, granting them the ability to travel without becoming lost inside the perilous universe.  As with all ominous beings she will be able to see everything as it is happening, and banish those from Ihmemma who bring nothing but trouble. ( Real Life Drama ) Äidin is not one to be a megalomaniac god thus she ends the stories of few, only those who must atone for their sins because they are too thick headed to excuse themselves. This world created by her own desires, it is hers to watch over from the shadows but she will not beg those to practice her religion; if you do not like it leave. She may reign over all but there are respective rulers to each realm that enforce specific rules, setting and etiquette for each.

It is widely known that the time periods flow with no correlation between one another, the  Kuolettava Valtakunta or Mortal Realm, holds an era of modern times. Vehicles, electronics, fast food, really all the luxuries humans take for granted while Inhabitants of Taikuus Hallintoalue, Mystik Real, do not, as they are less fortunate to not have the convenience modernity in their lives. For them it is a time much simpler because most electromagnetic waves do not hold a force srong enough to withstand distortion by the Star of Painovoima thus the time is one comparable to one Medieval Times but with the extended knowledge of immortals. Meaning of course that things such as hygiene have been accounted for as many have adapted to hydroelectricity from the Sanguinem Ocean. Still they are forced to travel by way of carriage and horse, some even beast but never metal either way. Every day realms are being discovered, the cosmos still young there is much to offer and many secrets that she holds.
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Lay Of The Land || Understanding Ihmemma
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